First, let’s be really clear: This is for you and only for you.
No one will be grading these tests and no one but you needs to see your answers, so be as honest as you possibly can. Otherwise, it won’t serve the purpose. And that purpose is self-evaluation.

At the Niche Affiliate Marketing System

(or NAMS as it’s become known), the only goal is education. They help you shorten your learning curve, no matter where you are in your business career. That’s why they have developed four learning tracks. Whether it’s the three-day Internet marketing workshop in Atlanta or the MyNAMS premium membership, everything they do is to meet you where you and develop training that helps you move faster toward your goals.
This test will help you measure where you are in your online business growth.

How does this work? It’s very simple.

There are 10 questions. Each question has four multiple choice responses. Each response has a checkbox like the one at left. Read through each of the 10 questions and the responses. Put an “X” in the box. (You may want to print this out for that purpose).
At the end of this document, you’ll find instructions on how to select the experience level track at the Niche Affiliate Marketing System workshop and the MyNAMS premium membership site that is right for you. Free or paid.
Knowing what you don’t know is the key to creating a path that works for you!
Now, let’s get started. Have fun!

You can download it here: MyNAMS-Marketing-IQ