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Common Objections of Using a JV Broker

Do you have any Objections of Using a JV Broker? If so, how do you deal with them? Do you refrain from using a JV Broker just because of that? I have made a short video about the most common objections of using a JV Broker. Please look at it and see if I can&...

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Misconception – JV Broker

Today’s video will cover one misconception about JV Broker. It is easy to have those about all topics when you don’t know, or has experience in the¬†particular field. I hope I will clarify one of them for you today. Please take the short time it ta...

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Day 2 of The Super Fly Video Challenge

Yesterday I accepted to be part of a video challenge. One of the tasks in this Video Challenge will be to create and post a video each day for the rest of January. I will post them here as well for you to watch and also see (hopefully) my progress. Along with ...

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Simple Video Pro – A New Way Of Using Video

    Make sure to see the video through. Simple Video Pro will blow your mind. It is much more than what you first think. And be sure to sign up on the Early Bird List. You will know how if you look at the video   Feel free to share and comment b...

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