Affiliatesystem relations with WSO

This is my short explanation on the relation ship between your WSO and your choice of Affiliate system.

It is of high importance that you understand how to integrate them together and why.

If you have any comments or want to expand on this, please comment below.


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Real Case Studies | Improve targeting of videos

The story of Invite Media combines technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship at its best.  Invite Media, created by Nat Turner and Zach Weinberg in 2007, originally set out to develop algorithms to enable web sites and internet advertising networks to improve targeting of videos and video advertising to internet surfers.

In 2008 Invite Media shifted its focus to developing algorithms that deliver web display ads to targeted markets (display advertising). In June of 2010 it was bought by Google, and its technology has evolved to a point where online advertisers and ad agencies deal simultaneously with multiple online ad exchanges to place real-time bids for display ad space which will optimize their display ad campaigns.

video advertising

The Process Real time bidding (RTB) technology enables advertisers and agencies to tailor their bids on an impression-by-impression basis, based on their own data, when bidding on websites that make their ad space available through advertising exchanges.
As Nat Turner explained in a recent interview in Advertising Age:  “One of the biggest things is that now it (the process) is transparent.  Now the advertisers can come in and say, ‘I can access 12 exchanges by creating one line item in Invite Media’.  Before, they would have to make 30 phone calls, employ 20 people, emailing ad tags back and forth.  Asking, ‘How much inventory do you have?’  All this back and forth.  In Invite, you just create a campaign, and you can see what’s available and press go and it’s done.”

Turner explains it this way:  “Our system asks, What are your budgets?  What’s your max bid?  What’s your targeting?  What’s your flight dates?

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40% discount Site To WP | WP Twin Bundle

Weekend is here again. Great isn’t it?

My thoughts about this weekend will be to  take some time with my family.

You know, you can never get the time back so always make sure to seize the day and make the most out of now.

If something would happen, there is no backup to upload and get the whole thing up and running again.

And that goes also for your business. But with a big difference. You can actually take a backup and get it going again,

Even if some bad guys try to do some harm. Especially with your WP sites.

IWP Twin have for this weekend the possibility to offer you a great lifesaver reg what I talked about above.

There is a huge saving for a Site to WP/WP Twin Bundle   during this weekend.

Normally only WP Twin will cost $97, but this weekend you will get both products for only $57.



Then why should you get them you might wonder. Well, first of all, WP sites is so much more flexible then other single sites.

Here are just a few other reasons why WordPress ROCKS:

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  • It’s FANTASTIC for getting high search engine rankings (Google loves WordPress!)
  • You can get a plugin to to help you with almost ANYTHING (including making your sites mobile-friendly!)
  • It’s so mindblowingly flexible that even the greenest of newbies can use it
  • All you need is a content-adding plugin or someone to post-date articles year’s worth of content to your blog… and you won’t EVER need to lift a finger again, in most cases


And the second part, and perhaps the most important one, you must have a way to create easy and quick backups for all your sites. And here is where WP Twin comes in. People get hacked every day, and if they haven’t taken some critical precautions. they will risk loosing their whole business over night.

But id you have take a backup, you simply upload your site again, and you are up and running within minutes.


So, my advice to you this weekend are these two:

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  • Take some time with your loved ones. There is no backup there.
  • Get the Site to WP/WP Twin Bundle and make sure to backup your business. By doing that, you will get even more time with your family.



Have a great weekend


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Reason For Using Redirect Scripts


In this video I am talking about the needs to use redirect scripts in order not to get ripped
by others. This is vital if you want to succeed in affiliate marketing.

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Easy Redirect Script

Web Marketing Consulting

Web Marketing Consulting

A good Web Marketing Consulting firm or mentor can help a business learn the art of making a reputation on the Internet. As the Web becomes ubiquitous in business and commerce, the Internet has become vital for any company, sole trader, or SME for staying competitive with other businesses in their field.

Web Marketing ConsultingWeb marketing has changed the world of marketing, making getting a business’s message out easier than ever. The only problem with this is that it has made everyone else able to easily get their message out too. Because of all the voices out there shouting to be heard, it’s easy for an individual voice to get drowned out in the din. (more…)