Facebook Newsfeed Hero Review!

News Feed Hero


We’ve all know the importance of social signals, to Google’s algorithm.
While backlinks are still up there, Facebook social signals make up 4 of the top 5 factors correlating to highly search engine rankings!
But I’ve just discovered that there is a big gaping problem with this emphasis on Facebook.
What happens if Zuckerberg decides to severely limit your ability to build social signals?

It’s true.

My mastermind buddy Bolaji O couldn’t figure out what he was missing –
he spent a month trying to crack this nut.
And the results floored me (and, as you’ll see, my others too.)
Zuckerberg and Facebook are actively keeping up to 90% of your social signal juice!
I had to get a look!
Bolaji has come up with a way to harness Facebook’s viral traffic
by completely side-stepping the fan page!
NO ONE ELSE is teaching this right now – I can guarantee you that!
(It’s WIDE OPEN for now, until people catch on to this…)
Don’t miss this one – it’s THAT important.
Facebook Marketing just started to make real sense again.

Get Facebook Newsfeed Hero


Zuckerberg won’t be glad you discovered this one.
But your web properties (and your bank account) will

AZChrusher For Your Affiliate Success With Amazon

Amazon.com Inc sold its first book in 1995. Today, the e-retailer has millions of products of a wide range. According to a recently conducted survey by Brodeur Partners, the company ranks at No.1 in terms of relevance to consumers. The online retailer’s 2011 revenues totaled $ 48.1B, that’s a 40.6% increase compared to last year revenues.

Amazon.com’s continued growth, year after year, has attracted a large number of affiliates from all across the world. The biggest reason that compels affiliate marketers to join this online retail platform is that it knows its customers (and their buying behavior) extremely well. The browsing and search technology that Amazon uses is one of the most sophisticated in the world.

The retail brand is a one-stop destination for online shoppers because it provides 24/7 access, lists hundreds of thousands of products, features an advanced search technology, provides detailed information about products and offers value-added services to consumers.

It’s America’s ‘most relevant’ retailer today.

Affiliate marketers have a wide variety of products to choose from. By advertising different products on your sites, you can earn as much as 15% in commission. One major benefit of choosing Amazon.com Inc for advertising purposes is that it has a proven track record of higher conversions.

Amazon.com Inc offers affiliate marketers several useful advertising tools. Using these tools is quite easy. You don’t need to be a webmaster or web developer to start utilizing the company’s tools to your benefits. Whether you want to link to a particular Amazon product, create customized widgets or use stylish graphical banners, Amazon.com makes it all simple and pleasurable.

If you rate Amazon.com Inc on the basis of practicality, values, sensory appeal and social appeal, you’ll find it way ahead of other top retail brands like Macy’s, Target, Walmart, Kohl’s, JCPenney and Best Buy.

If you are looking to make it as an affiliate,
then you need to read this FREE eguide.


It will explain why you should be an amazon affiliate and
how you should go about creating your affiliate
business as early as today.

This guide is very simple, straight to the point with
no fluff and will help you get started with making
moneyprogress online in just weeks.

PS. I will have a BONUS offer to you in the next few
days and weeks regarding this as well so please be sure
to look out for my future messages regarding this.


Speak Soon!

Cheers To Your Success,


How to Get It Done Even Though You Don’t Know If You’re Doing It Right

Even Though You Might Be Making Mistakes.
Even Though You Are Following a Less Than Optimal Process.

Amazing Formula Marlon Sanders

I’ll never forget writing my first newsletter.

It took forever.  I never dreamed I’d be able to do
one monthly.

The first time you do anything, it’s like pulling teeth.
Sometimes you sweat bullets.  You feel like you’ll never
get it done. You make lots of mistakes.  You feel uncertain about every little detail.

This is what STOPS most people from HAVING their own info
products.  They let doubt, fear, indecision, and uncertainty
stop them from getting it done.

Yet, this IS the path to having a great year.  Finding a way
to get it done anyway.  Because it DOES get easier. It really

By the end of the year, you will either be trading your own
personal time for dollars. Or you will have a product of your own
that you can trade for dollars.

Once you learn the process, you can bang out new products in a
week or two. Maybe even less.  But to get to that point, you have
do it 3, 4 or 5 times.  And the first few times will be tough.
Hard. Almost like pulling teeth.

That’s life.  It’s called a “barrier to entry.”  It’s what STOPS
people from doing it. Which is a good thing.  Because if everyone
did it, the opportunity would be greatly reduced as I explained
in Red Factor.

What I CAN tell you is it gets easier.

The first newsletter I wrote took almost a month. The second one
took something like two weeks of sheer agony. The third took
a little less time.

Soon it was a week, then three days. Then a day or less.

Don’t get me wrong. I still find those four to eight hours
difficult and even agonizing at times.  But at least those
feelings only occur over four or eight hours and not a month!

My first products sucked. They took forever and weren’t easy.
I made a bonus video where I showed a few of my first info

One was a booklet on “How to Avoid TV Repair Ripoff.” I spent
six months or so working on it as I recall.  Whew!

Here’s something I want you to understand:  You WILL feel
UNCERTAIN when you do your first anything.  You won’t have all
the answers.

The people who make it plow THROUGH uncertainty and do it
anyway. Others let it stop them.

Now, my Product Dashboard is an uncertainty reduction process.
I try to remove a LOT of the uncertainty. But you can’t totally
eliminate it.  You have to plow through it and get things done
anyway — even though you are uncertain. Even though you’re
unsure.  Even though you don’t know if you’re doing it right.
Even though you might be making mistakes. Even though you are
following a less than optimal process.

You do it anyway.

It gets faster. It gets easier. It gets simpler.  It becomes
less painful.  It can even become fun.  Although I can’t say
I’m at that point.  I don’t wake up in the morning and go,
“Oh boy, instead of shopping today (like I do almost every
day) I’m gonna create a product!”

I don’t do that.

I’d rather be shopping. Rather be at a coffee shop or bookstore.

But the whole process DOES get easier and simpler.

What’s more — is SURE beats working 8 hours a day at a J-O-B.

You work once on a product and get paid over and over and over
on it.  Instead of working 8 hours and getting paid for 8 hours.

What I offer you is an uncertainty reduction process called
“The Product Dashboard.”  It helps but doesn’t totally eliminate
the fear of screwing up, fear of making mistakes, fear of feeling
or looking stupid.

THOSE are the reasons most people don’t have info products.

THOSE are the emotions and feelings you have to overcome.

If you’re really struggling with that, if you’re the kind of
person who knows WHAT to do and HOW to do it but you don’t
just DO IT, then I highly recommend Anthony Robbin’s 30-Day
Personal Power Program.

Yeah, that’s the one. The one he used to pitch on late night
TV.  You can even buy it on Ebay.

It will give you that kick in the tail end you need to get
it going. I highly, highly recommend it.

Why?  Because at the end of the day you either trade your
time for dollars or products for dollars.

And trading products for dollars is a lot better choice.

Marlon Sanders
“The King of Step-By-Step Internet Marketing”

Marlon Sanders is the author of “The Amazing Formula That
Sells Products Like Crazy.” If you’d like to get on his
mailing list and receive tips, articles and information
about online marketing, visit: The Amazing Formula


Ultimate Social Media Challenge

Social Media Challenge

Maria Gudelis and Tina Williams are going to BLOW YOU AWAY with their new Ultimate Social Challenge.

The Ultimate Social Challenge is the “LAZY” way to make piles of passive income from Facebook pages, Pinterest and YouTube…

Focusing on EASY LUCRATIVE traffic and conversions.

Top 10 Stats You Should Know about Facebook

1.     Facebook currently has 845 million active users.

Source: infographiclabs.com Facebook 2012 Infographic

2.     Facebook accounts for 1 out of every 5 pageviews on the internet worldwide.

Source: infographiclabs.com Facebook 2012 Infographic

3.     Facebook users share over 100 billion connections collectively.

Source: infographiclabs.com Facebook 2012 Infographic

4.     Over 50% of the population in North American uses Facebook.

Source: infographiclabs.com Facebook 2012 Infographic

5.     250 million photos are uploaded to Facebook daily.

Source: infographiclabs.com Facebook 2012 Infographic

6.     There are 2.7 billion likes every single day on Facebook.

Source: infographiclabs.com Facebook 2012 Infographic

7.     57% of Facebook users are female. 43% of Facebook users are male.

Source: infographiclabs.com Facebook 2012 Infographic

8.     The social media giant has 425 million mobile users.

Source: infographiclabs.com Facebook 2012 Infographic

9.     The average Facebook user spends 20 minutes on the site per visit

Source: infographiclabs.com Facebook 2012 Infographic

10.                    Brands increased 46% engagement with Facebook Timeline and 24 million brands on Facebook (roughly 75%) have still NOT upgraded to Timeline

Source: simplymeasured.com “The Impact of
Facebook Timeline for Brands” 2012

Below you will find a content filled recording with Maria Gudelis, Tina Williams and Jason Fladlien. Don’t miss out listen to them.

[haiku url=”http://stefansandin.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/tinajason_edit.mp3″ title=”Tina & Jason”]

 To be on the Early Bird List you should join via the button below. You will get even more content there and you are also

listed on a VIP list that will get the first notice about when Maria & Tinas Ultimate Social Media is live


Here’s How to Construct your Own Niche Affiliate Website in 7 Days

Construct your Own Niche Affiliate Website in 7 Days

Own Niche Affiliate Website in 7 Days
One of the most common ways to earn money online is to create your own niche blog. You can get started by picking a subject that you enjoy, or have a good knowledge of and then finding some high commission affiliate products and programs to promote.
Lots of people stay away from building a website or blog as they are worried that it’s going to be too expensive, or too technically demanding.

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth! If you are on a budget you can have your own blog ready to go for as little as $10 each year for a domain name and around $7 per month for website hosting. As for the technical side of things, if you’re capable of composing and sending emails to people you’ll be able to add pages and posts to your new website.
If you want to find out more about creating your own website, check out My Affiliate Power Site – a niche affiliate training website put together by Suzanne Morrison and Ken Troyer.

Niche Affiliate Website in 7 Days

This website costs nothing to sign up for and contains a 1 week plan for creating your website from scratch. The lessons include:

Day 1 – Selecting your niche
Day 2 – Registering a domain name and creating your hosting account
Day 3 – Setting up your website
Day 4 – Make your site look professional
Day 5 – Add some products to your website
Day 6 – Write your first blog post
Day 7 – Write a product review

The training lessons are laid out in a step-by-step manner and include very clear guidance and screenshots that will help you along.

If you are more of a visual person there is the option of a silver membership with My Affiliate Power Site. For a small charge this gives you use of step-by-step training videos.

You will literally be watching over Ken’s shoulder as he builds a blog live and you’ll get to watch him as he chooses a niche, registers his domain name, sets up his hosting and progressively builds an awesome looking website from the ground up.

Niche Affiliate Website in 7 Days

If you are serious about developing a good income there is also the option for a Gold membership with My Affiliate Power Site. As well as all the training and videos you’ll be free to brand every one of the links in the training with your own affiliate links.
This really is powerful as it means that you can earn even more commissions from the website visitors that you send. As a gold member you’ll also be able to rotate your own banner ad in the members area.

If you already have your own website or optin list you can advertise My Affiliate Power Site and earn 50% commissions from Clickbank from any member you refer that upgrades.

To join as a member or an affiliate just register on this page for free:

Niche Affiliate Website in 7 Days

My Affiliate Power Site is simple, but extremely powerful. It is not only a training system, but a way to earn multiple streams of income by advertising just a single affiliate link.


Offline Autopsy

Offline Autopsy Bonus


So, Ben Adkins and his friends has now launched their Offline Autopsy.

This is a huge and comprehensive product that will help you a lot to get some good

out from Offline Business.

But to get even more out from it, we have formed up and created one of the best bonus package ever on the WF.
It is too much to cove in words here, so I urge you to see the video and get a good overview on what’s in store for you.

When you have watched the video, bought the  Offline Autopsy, then make sure to  claim your bonus package.

You will be totally amazed.

For Your Success


Offline Is Dead…

Offline Is DeadI was presented one thing yesterday by my friend Dr. Ben Adkins that I thought

was extremely interesting.
Ben has been putting out great offline products for the past year and he released
a new video saying that he’s pretty much quitting “Offline Marketing.
You may be shocked when you see the reason.
Watch it here: Offline is Dead
It seems that after all the offline work he’s done with local businesses,
he discovered far more lucrative way to help businesses and get payed more.
If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for a better way to help your
clients and this is what Ben is talking about in the video Offline is Dead
He also include a handout for you to download that will walk you through
the key things you have to do to be successful offline
(but he will say something really interesting in the end of the video)
Watch the video and please let me know below what you think of it.

Social Media Blueprint With Maria & Tina

Social Media


Maria Gudelis and Tina Williams have done a superb webinar teaching some awesome techniques and ways to get the absolute most out from Social Media.

If you are even slightest interested in Facebook, Apps, Twitter etc, you can’t afford miss this.

And the best of all, it’s all free. No cost, just pure content in just over one hour.

When you have looked at it, please share your thoughts about it here. I’m sure you have some own experience or other thoughts about what Maria and Tina shared.

Social Media is getting more and more important when it comes to rank your sites and make them look good in Google’s eyes.




Happy Easter and a Gift

Happy Easter

Even an Internet Marketer needs some time off to enjoy holidays.

I also want to hand over a small, but powerful, Easter egg to you for being
my reader.

5 Bucks a Day


Dennis Becker has given me the possibility to give you this for free.

But don’t think this is a small and insignificant report without value.
Far far away from that. Inside you will read about some thoughts and
techniques Dennis Becker used to be as successful he is.

So, feel free to download and read this report.

If you get any value out from it, please write some comments below,
and the same goes if you don’t get any at all out from it.

Happy Easter

Kindle Case Study

Kindle Case Study


Recently my friend Dennis Becker started a very exciting
Kindle Case Study about publishing on the Kindle, and beyond.

Kindle Case Study

He wanted to teach people that you could indeed earn a good
income from just one book, and not just from publishing there,
so he set out to prove it, starting from the point of having
a book already written, but not yet published.

His goal is to reach best seller status with his book,
at least $2000 per month income from book sales on Kindle
and Amazon, and then also build additional income from
doing things not involving Amazon book sales.

You would think that this type of course would cost at
least $197 or more, but since it’s a follow along format,
and failure is a remote possibility, he’s letting me allow
you to watch for $20

===> Kindle Case Study

Self publishing is probably the biggest opportunity for anyone

to profit from so far in the 21st century. Don’t miss the
knock on your door.

You’ll learn things like how to use ghostwriters to write
for you (if you don’t feel like you can write yourself), but
of course you can write your own book.

You’ll learn how to write one book that will bring in $2000
a month or more, rather than what other courses teach, which
is how to write books in bulk that pull in about $20 each
per month.

Who wants to do 100 books, anyway?

You’ll learn how to write quality books that you can be
proud of, and that Amazon won’t eventually purge from their

… and a lot more, plus you’ll receive a bonus called the
Self Publishing Tool Box, which normally sells for $27 by
itself, and will help you format your books quickly and

A poorly formatted book can kill sales forever if you get
bad reviews because of it. You don’t want to risk that.

The case study already started a couple days ago, but all
the information is posted on the blog, so if you sign up
today, you can catch up quickly.

===> Kindle Case Study

Already, followers have posted 100″s of comments on the
blog, so it’s obvious there’s a lot of excitement in this

But here’s the bad news… the discount is only good
through the end of the day on Sunday, February 12th
(based on eastern time), After that, the full price will apply,
and you’ll be even further behind.

So join us now, for just 20 bucks, you’ll have a lot of
fun looking over Dennis’ shoulder as he tries to pull this

Maybe he can’t, it will be like reality TV. He tells me
that he’s prepared to work 100″s of hours and spend several
weeks of elapsed time to get this done right, if that’s
what it takes.

And then go beyond that as well, to further build a business
based on the book. That will probably be the best part of
this whole case study.

I hope you can watch:

===> Kindle Case Study


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