Day 2 of The Super Fly Video Challenge

Yesterday I accepted to be part of a video challenge.

One of the tasks in this Video Challenge will be to create and post a video each day for the rest of January.

I will post them here as well for you to watch and also see (hopefully) my progress.

Along with the videos I will also post some of the improvements and lesson learned during the challenge.

Please feel free to post your comments. Both for me to learn, but also for You to ask questions that I will find answer to.

So, here we go:

The Book I mention in the video can be found here:

The Tribe by Seth Godin – A book that changes

Do you ever wish you knew some Easy Ways To Make Money?

Easy Ways To Make Money

Have you ever had Online Business Ideas but don’t know how to implement them?

Does everything you read about making money online make your head spin?

Don’t give up: you could be just hours away from Making Money Online

There are a thousand Online Business Ideas and more Easy Ways To Make Money with Loyaltepays. It used to be where a thousand things could go wrong when you tried to implement your ideas and launch your business on your own. But now you don’t have to go through the endless process of trial and error anymore. Now you can have the benefit of clear and simple advice from someone who’s been there and done that.

Heide Holtz has spent years developing online businesses, tools, resources and internet marketing strategies. And while she’s been building her own consulting business and advising other entrepreneurs on business development, she’s seen a thousand disaster stories unfolding, when people had great Online Business Ideas but didn’t know how to implement them.

They simply did not have access to the Easy Ways To Make Money Online that you have now on Loyaltepays.


Easy Ways To Make Money?

Yes, they do exist! We are in the information era where information products (e-products) such as eBooks, PDF reports, Video tutorials, Webinars, etc. have become the most powerful marketing tool to build your online business.

You, I, people everywhere access the internet every day searching for answers, to find a solution to a problem, to find the information we need. The problem is we dont always know if the information we find is trust worthy, so we try to find information from experts, people we recognize, that have some level of preeminence, credibility.

I am sure you’ve noticed that to access the information from an expert you are first required to opt-in (provide your name and email address) to access the information. Internet marketing experts in every niche use this business model because it works. Provide valuable, interesting information in exchange for your contact details.
Cutting Through The Complications – Easy Ways To Make Money Online

At Loyaltepays, you won’t find pages of complicated instructions stuffed with internet and marketing jargon that you don’t understand. You won’t be told you should get this software or that service and incorporate them in your business. Everything you’ll need is provided to you right here by Loyaltepays.

With the Loyaltepays GET PAID TO SHARE referral program you can make money for simply giving away information products for free, which in turn will help you to build your own online business.

Millions of $’s are made each and every day when people share information. Loyaltepays is built upon the ethos that LOYALTY and SHARING should and can be rewarded – so that all parties in the equation succeed. Everyone wins.

Loyaltepays is an innovative platform that offers a unique business model which helps people, like you, to make money online quicker and easier than ever before. We created Loyaltepays in the realization that expert internet marketers and newbies benefit from each other when they work together.

And if you are just starting out, Loyaltepays is definitely the easiest and most effective way to make money online and as soon as tomorrow! Loyaltepays offers you the UNIQUE opportunity to simply Get Paid To Share information products and to use this marketing model to grow your own online business.


So, what do I sell … to make money?

Actually that is the beauty of the Loyaltepays system, YOU DON’T SELL. What you need to understand is that the main purpose of an e-product is to inform and educate, is to identify a problem and provide a solution for that problem. In most cases that solution is a product or a service that you can be an affiliate of, most products and services offered online have an affiliate program and they are 100% free to join. Affiliate marketing enables you to build a profitable online business without having to produce your own products. In fact it is so easy, you don’t even need to have your own business idea yet.

With Loyaltepays you can start and build a long-term business based entirely on giving away quality eBooks, PDF reports, Videos and Webinars. The money is in the affiliate links to the products and services recommend inside them, in a subtle and informative way.

You will also learn that the most important asset of an online business is your subscriber base, and you’ll find clear and straightforward instructions for building and maintaining that valuable database. In just days, even hours from now, you could be building a long-term sustainable business and get paid to do it. And best of all, you don’t have to invest a cent to experience the power of Loyaltepays.

Loyaltepays | Get it Free

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YES! there finally is such a thing as a free lunch!

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To your success always,

Stefan Sandin

Success is achieved only through Action! 

Placing Profit Centers In Your Free Report

Placing Profit Centers In Your Free Report

Placing Profit Centers In Your Free Report


Free reports are hot items today among Internet marketers. Most of the very savvy ones have discovered just how valuable a free report can be and how it can serve to help build those all-important opt-in lists. Free reports do help to build opt-in lists, that’s true, but they can serve other purposes as well.

A good free report is something that your average, garden-variety Internet surfer actually seeks out all by himself. You never have to beg people into taking free stuff.  When a surfer is looking for information on any given topic, the first thing they usually look for are free reports on the subject. People do pay for information but only after they have gotten the free information first and are looking for more specific and detailed information. One thing that you can absolutely count on, though, is that people will download and read free reports if they are interested in the topic of the report. That’s a given.

So, the next question is how do you get the most mileage out of a free report? After all, that ‘free’ report is only free to the people who download it. It sure isn’t free for you, the marketer. You have spent time, effort and energy writing it yourself or you have paid a ghostwriter to write it for you so you need to get something back, right? Yes, you do need to get something back and that’s what we are going to talk about.


The first, and maybe the most important thing you get, is the name and email address of the person who downloads your free report. That is usually the main object of producing a free report, after all, but you benefits don’t have to stop there. There are other ways to profit.

In a free report, you can strategically place advertisements for your affiliate products or even for your own products. Now… the free report cannot be a blatant advertisement… hat is just not acceptable but that doesn’t mean that you can’t place links to products or services that you will make a profit on, does it?

You do need to use good judgment and possibly some restraint in placing links to products and services that you can profit from. Remember that the people who have downloaded your free report didn’t expect nor want to get yet another advertisement. They intended to get information and information should stay the main focus in your free report.

You can add links to products and services that you make a profit on but only within the context of the information being supplied to the reader. For example: if within your report you are discussing the importance of providing a dog house for a dog, you can include a link to a dog house product that you will make a profit on. What you can’t do is expound on the virtues of the dog house that you will make a profit on.  In other words…you can’t advertise it.

Another way that you can make your free report even more valuable to you is to sell advertising space in it to other Internet marketers.

Paid advertising needs to look like paid advertising, however. It should not be disguised to look as though it is a product that you are specifically recommending in your free report. It really isn’t surprising that people expect to see advertisements. It’s true. You really expect to see advertising, don’t you? Others expect to see it as well and it will not aggravate those who download a free report if the advertisements look exactly like what they are…advertisements.

The amount you can charge for advertising space in a free report varies with the report and the size of the circulation it will achieve. A long report can generate a larger advertising charge than a short report. A report that will be downloaded thousands of times can bear a larger advertising charge than one that will only be downloaded a few hundred times.

Advertisements can be shown as sponsorships. Example: “This free report is sponsored by” just above the advertiser’s logo. This kind of advertising is less annoying to a reader and puts the advertiser in a better light than just an advertisement.

Remember, however, to hold your advertisements down to a very reasonable number… even if you list them as sponsorships. Too many advertisements make a free report appear to be nothing more than a cheesy way to slip advertising in disguised as something other than what it is…and people really hate that.

There is even one more way in which you can profit from a free report. You can provide a capture method so that you can collect the names and email addresses of those who have not yet downloaded your free report.

You can give your free report a viral quality.

For example: You can use a quiz in your free report and have the answers posted on your website. Quizzes are by nature viral and those who download your free report will be more likely to pass them along to their friends if there is a quiz included.

Each visitor to your website is a potential customer or, at the very least, a potential member of your opt-in list. Another way to give your free report a viral quality is to include coupons that provide dollars off on a product or service that would be of great value to those who download the report as well as to their friends, family and coworkers. People love coupons!

Each of these techniques to add to your opt-in list or increase your potential for profit from a free report by selling advertising space or strategically placing links to products and services that you profit from or by giving your free report a viral quality is worth your time and effort to investigate and put into action. Free reports are only free to those who download them…they are supposed to make money for you.

How do you work with your’s?
Please share

How To Write Your Own Free Report In 60 Minutes Or Less

Write Your Own Free Report In 60 Minutes Or Less

Write Your Own Free Report In 60 min

Free reports are big now days on the Internet. It’s a bandwagon that many Internet marketers are jumping on simply because it works.

People jump on the “Information Super Highway” that is the Internet because they want and/or need information about all kinds of things. People seek out free reports about subjects that will make them feel better, look better, become more proficient, or solve a problem for them. Reports can take many forms but no matter the form, a report is simply a writing that provides information about a specific subject.

Writing a report doesn’t have to be a time consuming task. A short report can be written in as little as one hour or less provided the writer has access to sufficient information on the subject and since the Internet really is the “Information Super Highway” information on almost any subject is readily available.

First, let’s discuss writing a free report from ‘scratch’.

The first thing that is required for a report is, of course, a topic.

The topic that you choose to write a report on should be one that is directly related to the topic of your website or of your free membership site. The people that you will give your free report to must be interested in getting the information that will be in the report.

Choose a general subject first and then narrow the general subject down to a specific point or two. In order to choose a great topic, you can listen to the members of your own free website or visit blogs and forums that relate to the products and services that you sell.

Once you have settled on a topic for your free report, the next step is to gather information that is related to that topic.

This is a very easily accomplished task. Use your favorite search engine and plug in key words to find information about your topic. Usually the problem is too much information rather than not enough. You are going to have to sift through and consolidate information but if you have narrowed your topic down far enough, it won’t be all that difficult.


Outline For Your Free Report

The next step is to write an outline for your report.

You need organization and form. An outline supplies both. If you are trying to write a report within one hour, the best thing is to keep your main points to only three. Three well-discussed points are better than a half dozen that are only briefly touched upon. Once you have organized your research and written an outline, it will take you less than half an hour to type up a five or six page report.

The second way to produce a free report in under an hour is to download one that is already written from a PLR (Private Label Rights) site. There are many such sites that are available on the Internet. You will have to be a member of a PLR site to download reports from the site. Memberships in these sites are usually rather inexpensive and they provide you access to a lot of material that is almost ready for you to use.

You will still need to do a lot of rewriting on the reports that you download and if you download articles that you plan to consolidate into a report, you will need to make a good outline of your report so that the information will be presented in a logical sequence.

You can either download a report from a PLR site or several articles that contain the information that you want to include in your free report and combine the articles to make one longer report. All material that is downloaded from PLR sites should have at least some rewrite done before you use it on your own site, anyway.

Rewriting is easily and quickly done. There is even software that will accomplish part of the rewriting task for you but if you use this software, be sure that you carefully read it to check for grammatical errors and to make certain that the finished product actually makes sense.

Yet another way to create a report in an hour or less is to download articles from free content sites and then combine and rewrite the information that is in them. The articles that are on free sites must be rewritten extensively.

The purpose that the authors of those articles had for placing them on sites for free use is to get credit for having written them. These articles can be used as reference but they may not be reproduced word for word.

A word to the wise: Always check the accuracy of statistics or facts that are included in articles downloaded from free sites. You can use the basic ideas of these articles as well as the facts that are contained in them but you must NOT reproduce them without giving credit to the author… that is plagiarism and it is a crime.

Again… consolidating articles into a report requires that you make a good outline before you begin.

There is one more way that you can achieve getting a free report produced in an hour or less but in this case you won’t be the one doing the writing. You can hire yourself a good ghostwriter to write your free report for you. All you will need to do is to provide this ghostwriter with the subject and the material that you wish to have included in the report… not the actual material but the subject matter.

The entire process will take less than one hour of your time. You simply contact a ghostwriter. 

The only thing you have to do after you order a report is, when you receive it, you read it and then you pay the ghostwriter. The report then belongs to you. You can list yourself as the author and do whatever you choose to do with it

List Building Strategies- Your Bread & Butter

Bread and Butter of List Building Strategies!”

List Building Strategies - Your Bread And Butter

That is what people say who are walking along and an obstacle comes between them. They release one another’s hand and walk on either side of the obstacle, then rejoin hands and say, “Bread and Butter”. It’s symbolic. Bread and butter belong together.

Another way the term ‘Bread and Butter’ is used is to denote the main substance of an enterprise. “That trick is his ‘Bread and Butter’ trick.” This means that it is the backbone of his act and that he depends on it and relies on it regularly to sustain him.

Both interpretations of the term ‘Bread and Butter’ apply to list building and Internet Marketing. You just can’t have one without the other. You can’t separate the two because they belong together and, likewise; they are the sustaining part of an Internet marketers business.

List building is the first, most important and most constant of all the tasks that Internet marketers engage in. Their lists are their bread and butter and their lists and their businesses belong together. Neither can exist without the other.

You won’t have to wander around the Internet very long before you will find people saying that list building just isn’t important…  and that it isn’t even necessary. Don’t you believe one word of that hooey… and that is precisely what it is…  hooey!

That is without a doubt the worst Internet marketing advice that is available anywhere on the Internet… and there is lot of useless information out there. There is useless information but the idea of not building a list is just downright dangerous advice to follow. List building isn’t important… it is absolutely vital… it really is your bread and butter. Without a list, you are simply without a business.

The CAN SPAM act of 2003 made is illegal to send bulk marketing emails without the consent of the recipients. That is the law. The penalties for disobeying this law are tough! You can be fined up to $11,000 per unsolicited marketing email that you send!

It wouldn’t take but one to do a lot of damage and if you send hundreds, you’ll never get the fine paid off… at least not in just one lifetime. Do you NEED an opt-in list? YES! Your list is your bread and butter.

Now, let’s discuss ways in which one can go about building that bread and butter opt-in list. There are several ways that have been proven to be very effective list building techniques.

One way to build your bread and butter opt-in list is to write articles and submit them to article banks.

If you weren’t blessed with any writing ability at all or if you simply do not have the time to devote to writing articles, you can have articles written for you by ghostwriters or you can join a PLR site and download articles that will just need some rewriting to prevent them from being identified as duplicate content by search engine spiders. These articles need to be no longer than 300 to 400 words and they need to be keyword rich. Your resource box needs to include your name and a link to your website.

Another proven list building technique is to join and post to blogs and forums that are dedicated to a topic that relates to the products and services that you sell.

You must be careful not to post blatant advertisements on these sites. That’s a big no-no. You will need to post 3 to 5 times each and every week to these sites and you sig tag on your posts needs to be your name and a link to your website.

Exchanging links with websites that sell products and services that are complimentary to but not identical to the products and services that you sell is another way to build your bread and butter list.

Now, some marketers do not believe in link exchanges. They object to the idea of two way traffic and don’t think that a marketer should ever post a link that takes traffic away from his or her website. The key word, however, is TWO way. A link exchange also brings traffic to your website that you might not otherwise ever see and every person who visits your website is a potential customer or, at the very least, a possible addition to that bread and butter opt-in list.

Then there is paid advertising to consider for the purpose of list building.

A PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign is not free, of course, but if your list is greatly increased because of it then it will be money that has been well spent. PPC campaigns are very effective tools for list building… and more especially so if you can give something away for free. People do love ‘free’. Free reports… free utilities…  free E-Books… if it’s free, it adds to your bread and butter opt-in list.

A very effective, maybe even the most effective, way to use paid advertising to build your list is to advertise in E-zines that relate to the topic of your website and to the products and services that you sell.

E-zine advertising is very targeted advertising that has proven to be effective as well as cost effective. The people who will see your advertisement are the very people who are most likely to buy the products or services that you sell and to join your opt-in list…  and, did I mention that it is cheap? You can usually get an advertisement in an E-zine for $30 or less.

The well established and savvy Internet marketers all know just how important list building is. List building is at the top of their ‘to-do’ list every single day. List building is never considered a side effect… it is the object of their attraction to every enterprise that they consider undertaking. They know that their lists really are their bread and butter. They fully understand that without their lists that they are without a business and you should believe that with all your heart because it is true.

Simple Video Pro – A New Way Of Using Video

Using Video In A New Way



Make sure to see the video through. Simple Video Pro will blow your mind.

It is much more than what you first think.

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3XSocial – Huge Difference In Your Social Media Appearance


Some people think you’ve got to have a BIG personality to succeed on social media…

Like those folks you see posting all the time who are always the life of the party.

But actually, the MOST successful people using social media are NOT who you think. They’re not the ones with the most friends. They’re the ones quietly getting traffic, getting customers and making money — not by wearing a virtual lampshade on their heads –but by posting content that’s most relevant to their audience.

And the really smart ones have a system for doing it, like my friend Don’s. He makes his people love him and buy from him spending just minutes a day on social media. Check out his latest video to see how he does it:

Social Media








OH – and by the way – here’s the best part! You’re going to want to watch the video closely, because Don is going to reveal his solution to your posting frustrations.

Find out all about that here on the video.

Whatever your personality, you’re going to like what you hear!

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Earn Money From Home: Possible Online Business Ideas

 LoyaltePays is not only about giving you step by step instructions and online business ideas to make money in affiliate marketing, it’s about getting your income stream flowing in the fastest possible time.  The key to this is giving away quality Information Products (e-products) to your subscribers as soon as possible.

Creating and packaging your own info product can be a very slow and frustrating process.  That’s why, here at Loyaltepays, we get you started and making money online by simply distributing someone else’s e-product.  In this way you have not only a product to attract subscribers into your list -right from the outset, but one that will also help you build an ongoing relationship with your subscribers. This is the key to making money on the internet.

Here’s how it works:

1. Enlist Your Subscribers

Over and over again we hear that there are no quick ways to make money, and certainly no easy ways to make money.  That’s pure nonsense; it’s the mantra of failed entrepreneurs.  At Loyaltepays we have a different mantra: there are no quick ways to make money without loyal subscribers.

Your subscriber list is the engine that will drive your online business and fuel its growth. Heide Holtz in her eBook: Get Paid To Build Your Business, gives you very detailed step-by-step instructions for rapidly building a subscriber list.  If you follow these, you’ll have a loyal following within days.

The key is to find an information product that is perfectly suited for the niche you’ve chosen to build your business. Here at Loyaltepays you’ll find an ever growing library of high quality eBooks, PDF reports, Video tutorials, Webinars you can simply rebrand, give away to your subscribers and use to build your own business.

2. Rebrand and share

Heide’s brilliantly simple rebranding tools make it easy to insert your own affiliate links into any e-product.

Once your links are embedded in the e-product you’ve chosen it’s ready to make money for you over and over again. You’ve matched the e-product to your own niche and therefore to your subscribers, so they are going to be enthusiastic about this free -useful- content you are now sharing with them.

Every e-product on Loyaltepays comes with a invitation for your subscribers to Get Paid To Share it. Good information is shared over the internet all the time. Our Get Paid To Share feature just gives your subscribers that extra incentive so they’ll want to share it even more with all their friends on Facebook, Twitter followers, Linked-in business connections and any other social or professional network they use, right away.

3. Dollars from Heaven

As soon as your subscribers respond (click-on) the invitation to Get Paid To Share they are sent to where they get instant access to the rebrander tool that will allow them to rebrand the e-product they just received from you, it is in this instant that You earn $1 Loyalty Reward. And that happens with every free referral.

Why is Loyaltepays paying YOU and YOUR subscribers to SHARE other peoples eProducts?

The answer is simple. We want you to succeed, right here, right now. We know for a fact that you will make money from the affiliate links inside every e-product. But we also know that not every reader or viewer will convert into a sales (affiliate) commission. And we are certain that pretty much everyone will take notice of the opportunity to Get Paid To Share this eBook… or Video… So even if they don’t buy that product or service recommended in the e-product you’ll know you have a very good chance to earn at least a $1 Loyalty Reward for every subscriber on your list, Facebook friend, follower on Twitter…

Now you can see the potential here: you’re actually earning money to give away interesting information and build your own business list at the same time.  And if you follow Heide Holtz’s blueprint you can set up several different income streams within a matter of days.


Quick Ways to Make Money – The LoyaltePays Advantage

It’s not difficult to see that this is one of the most effective and quick ways to earn money that you’ll ever find.  But it doesn’t stop there.  The resources and tools available here on Loyaltepays provide you with everything you need to build a solid and long lasting online business, one that will continue earning you a recurring income for months and even years from now


Loyaltepays | Get it Free

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Test Your Marketing IQ


First, let’s be really clear: This is for you and only for you.
No one will be grading these tests and no one but you needs to see your answers, so be as honest as you possibly can. Otherwise, it won’t serve the purpose. And that purpose is self-evaluation.

At the Niche Affiliate Marketing System

(or NAMS as it’s become known), the only goal is education. They help you shorten your learning curve, no matter where you are in your business career. That’s why they have developed four learning tracks. Whether it’s the three-day Internet marketing workshop in Atlanta or the MyNAMS premium membership, everything they do is to meet you where you and develop training that helps you move faster toward your goals.
This test will help you measure where you are in your online business growth.

How does this work? It’s very simple.

There are 10 questions. Each question has four multiple choice responses. Each response has a checkbox like the one at left. Read through each of the 10 questions and the responses. Put an “X” in the box. (You may want to print this out for that purpose).
At the end of this document, you’ll find instructions on how to select the experience level track at the Niche Affiliate Marketing System workshop and the MyNAMS premium membership site that is right for you. Free or paid.
Knowing what you don’t know is the key to creating a path that works for you!
Now, let’s get started. Have fun!

You can download it here: MyNAMS-Marketing-IQ

Looking for a BSO then don’t read this

Dennis Becker Jason Fladlien


I am sure that you, as well as I am, are looking for a business in IM that you can rely

on and that will ensure you the life you deserve.


To get there, you need to put down some serious work.

I am sorry if I destroy the vision for some of you, but it is hard work

that will build your future.


However, the work can be done in various ways.

Both the wrong way and the right way.


I have been around here for some time now, and I did the same misstakes like many others in the beginning.

I was dazzeled by the salespages promising tousands of dollars the next day if I get their BSO.

And for only$47!!!! (and of course, that was not the case)

Do you recognize that yourself???


Well, I don’t want you to do the same misstakes as I did, or if you already have (or doing right now)

psst.. nothing to be embarrassed about. I did the same you know.


During the time I have been around I have found a few, but very powerful resources that I want to recommend to you.
The first is a membership in a forum, owned by Dennis Becker, “The 5 bucks a day” guy.

If you haven’t heard about him, feel free to look him up.

I can’t find any bad words about him, and I am the first to endorse him.


That membership, the E1KaD (Earn 1 k a Day) forum is a goldmine.

Both when it comes to resourses in downloadable stuff. Loads and loads of it.

And the forum itself is even more valuable.

If you wonder about anything, just ask. You will get answers

But the most valuable resource are the people inside.

Super friendly and a great place to make connections that will bring even more to your business.

And don’t let the name scare you off. It doesn’t matter if you are new or already earn $1k per day already.



The second resource I would like to mention to you is a coaching by the dynamic duo, Jason Fladlien & Will Mattos.

Two super guys that does not know anything else but overdeliver.

They are running a business building/growing coaching over several weeks.

Theirs intention was to run the coaching for 6 months/12 live webinars well over 2 hours each.

Right now, they have done more than 25!! (and they keep doing more)

And you will get the best coaching and training I have ever seen being done like this.


Well, I guess you think this might be good, but very expensive, right??

Proper training cost, I will admit to that.

But it is for your own  business, and it is not a BSO!

And I can tell you a great thing in addition to this.


For $1 you can try Jason and Wills coaching in 21 days!

Yes, that is correct. For only $1 you will get Session 1: The Basic, Session 2: The Expertise Formula

The rest you’ll get one at a time, every other week.


Can you beat that???


And Dennis Beckers, The Earn1KaDay forum is accessable for you for only 2.95 USD for 10 Days

You will have time to look around in 10 days for only $ 2.95


What’s that for a deal, huh?


I hope you read all this through, and got my message out from it.
Leave those BSO behind and invest some time and effort (with great help from E1KaD and 6-in-6) and you will thank me later. 🙂

If you don’t think that, just reply to this mail and tell me why.


So, what ever you decide to do, do it after you have read the sites E1KaD and 6-in-6


For your success




p.s Dennis has plans to remove the 10 day trial in a short time after this. Usually people use this scarcity things without truth, but when it comes to Dennis, I trust his words


d.s Jason and Wills coaching program is closed to the general public (as you will se on the page) and I don’t know how long I will have the possibility to give you the $1 trial.

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