How to use Google Analytics to track your conversions

Track your conversions for free

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William Murray over at JV Focus has written a very good tutorial on how to track your conversions for free. It is essential that you do track your conversions so that you can change, tweak and optimize your funnel in a proper way.

If you don’t do that, you will loose money every day. 

Take some time and read what he has to say, and come back here and tell what you think and also tell us how you track your conversions today.


I also urge you to consider to join the JV Focus community. For a very small cost, you will be a member in a community that can boost your business. You will also be one among a growing crowd of powerful marketers.

JV Focus

How To Use PLR And Get The Most Value Out Of It

Willie Crawford and Romell Weekly discuss about how to use PLR and get the most value out of it.

Willie Crawford, with his long renown knowledge,  share invaluable information on how you should use PLR for your own benefit. After watching this you will have gain a lot of information that you will be able to apply and benefit from instantly.You’ll learn:

  • how to multiple the use of PLR
  • how to raise the value of PLR
  • how to make the PLE attractive for a broad audience
  • where to get the best PLR
  • how to get your PLR up and online within seconds generating money

Se it for yourself here

Does Your Customers Buy Your Products?

Does Your Customers Buy Your Products?

Do You know Why Your customers buy Your products?

This slideshow takes you on a trip through some very thoughtful ideas. It is something every business owner should have in mind when planning what to do with their business. No matter if it is online or offline. All this are on a higher and conceptual way.

I urge you to watch it through, and post your thoughts below.



Is this something that you relate to or do you have any objections or other ideas about it.

Share your thoughts

The Money Making Techniques every startup should know (by @boardofinno) from Board of Innovation .com

How To Use AWeber to Your Advantage (part2)

AWeber - Email Marketing Made Easy

This is part two in my guide on how to use AWeber. If you haven’t read part 1 yet, click here to read it.


Let’s continue to go through how to use AWeber and make it work at it best for you.
You’ll then be automatically taken to a section that allows you to apply your company branding. Before we explore the branding options let’s look at what’s happening during your set-up process.

AWeber - Setup wizard

At this point you’ll notice at the bottom of the page that you’ve completed a certain percentage of your set-up tasks. Based on the example in the image above 34% has been completed at this point.  While you have step by step guidance in this report, you can also view one of AWeber’s videos and the link will be at the bottom of the screen (see image above).

AWeber allows you to customize the pages that will be shown to your subscribers using your own logo/branding artwork.  When you click on the dark box with the text “Please Upload Your Logo” a dialogue box will open up that easily allows you to upload your image.



Social media is of course a standard part of any progressive marketing initiative today and AWeber makes it easy for you to use social media to help boost your email marketing campaign. You can connect AWeber to your social media profiles on Twitter and Facebook.

By allowing AWeber to access your profiles on these social networks, AWeber will automatically post updates (as your profile) whenever you broadcast a message to your subscribers.  We’ll learn about broadcasting a little later on.


One of the benefits of a using AWeber to facilitate your email communications with leads and customers is that it enables you to build a list of people who are interested in your information. How this is achieved is by requiring new subscribers to take an active step to confirm their registration on your list.  This is called a “double opt-in.”

It’s a double opt-in because your subscribers have to indicate twice that they are interested in joining your list – first when they submit their information through your web form and second when they receive your “confirmation message.”

At the top of the page you’ll see “Your Confirmation Message” this is the work screen that allows you to create the email that will be sent to your subscribers after they complete a web form that opts them into your list (we’ll talk about web forms later).

AWeber - Confirmation Message


Your subscribers will receive in their inbox and email from you that says “Confirm your Subscription.” You can edit that subject heading to something more creative or enticing if you wish.

Click on the dark “Edit Subject” box to edit the email subject area.

Determining what to say in the first paragraph of your first email to subscribers on your list can be a daunting task especially when dealing with a topic that is not about your niche but about the tool AWeber. Not to worry – AWeber provides you with an opening introduction paragraph that can be edited – see below:

We received your request for information from the [your list/company name] group.  Before we begin sending you the information you requested, we want to be certain we have your permission.

Below this opening paragraph AWeber will provide the link that must be clicked in order for the subscriber to be confirmed. It’s not necessary to edit that section.

At the end of this email you can insert a signature that might include your name, your company name and a tagline – or really anything you choose as a closing. 

AWeber - Success Page url


AWeber also gives you the option of having your subscribers directed to the URL/website of your choice. If subscribers have been promised a gift (e.g. a free guide or tips sheet, etc.) you can provide the download link in the “Success Page” URL field.

At this point your list has now been set-up on AWeber.  Your next step is to create the web form that will allow visitors to your website to easily give you their contact information (ideally name and email address).

Part 3 will come soon. Make sure to bookmark this page and share it on FB to your friends.

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How to Use Aweber to your advantage

How to use AWeberOne of the reasons why so many people are able to operate successful businesses online is due to the availability of useful online tools that do a tremendous job of automating certain business processes – like customer relations. Keeping in touch with customers and leads is a critical task when running a business and leading email marketing service AWeber functions like a mini-customer-service relations army!

From capturing names and email addresses to providing professional quality newsletter templates, AWeber makes the smallest of companies look like the largest with automation that can be customized to reflect the uniqueness of your business and your customers.

This guide will show you how to get started with AWeber and to initialize your own customer relations strategy using email.

What is AWeber?

AWeber is a software program that automates the process of collecting customer lead information and communicating with those leads to support increased sales. Access to this software is made possible through a subscription that you can purchase on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. Prices start at $19 per month and increase based on the size of your list.

The Benefits of AWeber

Think about the work that would be involved if you did not have an automated service like AWeber to manage your communications with leads and customers.  You’d have to manually record the names of anyone who was interested in your business.

You then would have to collect all the names from your contact form database (or slips of paper!) and draft a letter to each to thank them for showing interest in your product or service. You’d then have to figure out the timing for contacting each person for a follow up as that would depend on when they signed up for more information.


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Common Objections of Using a JV Broker

JV Broker questionsDo you have any Objections of Using a JV Broker?

If so, how do you deal with them? Do you refrain from using a JV Broker just because of that?

I have made a short video about the most common objections of using a JV Broker. Please look at it and see if I can’t clear some of them for you.

Also, feel free to write a comment below, telling what objections you have. And also, if you have had some before, but after using a JV Broker, they have changed.



You are welcome to download my free report below about The Best Proven Joint Ventures:

The Best Proven Joint Ventures

Who would benefit the most by using a JV Broker

Benefits using a JV Broker

In this video I am talking about who would benefit the most of using a JV Broker.

And it might be a surprise for you who I am talking about, so take the short time it takes to watch and see for yourself.

After you have seen the video, feel free to comment and also ask any questions about this.

You are welcome to download my free report below about The Best Proven Joint Ventures:

The Best Proven Joint Ventures


Misconception – JV Broker

Today’s video will cover one misconception about JV Broker.

It is easy to have those about all topics when you don’t know, or has experience in the particular field. I hope I will clarify one of them for you today.

Please take the short time it takes to watch the video and then type blow in the comments what misconceptions you have reg JV Brokers.

As I also mentioned in the end of the video, you can read more about what JV Brokers do and what they can do for your business in the Kindle book below.

Your business need a jump start? Then consider using a joint venture broker to help you attract the clients, marketing, or services you need.

This 2nd book in The Impatient Entrepreneur series introduces you to several JV Brokers from around the world while giving you an “impatient entrepreneur style” overview of what joint ventures can do for you.

Whether your starting a business, growing a business, or getting ready to sell your business Joint Venture brokers can help. The co-contributors to this book have helped their clients make millions of dollars. In fact, after reading this book you may decide this is a business model you want for yourself once you see how rewarding being a JV broker can be.

If I had one possibility to change something tomorrow

What if you where handed a magic wand and the power to change something and make a difference tomorrow. What would that be?

You will only be able to change one thing. Money, Health, World peace, More time for your business?

I got that question and within this Video Challenge I made a video where I express my wish.

It was not so hard to decide what I would choose

Please take a look and write down your thoughts in the comments below.