Kindle Case Study


Recently my friend Dennis Becker started a very exciting
Kindle Case Study about publishing on the Kindle, and beyond.

Kindle Case Study

He wanted to teach people that you could indeed earn a good
income from just one book, and not just from publishing there,
so he set out to prove it, starting from the point of having
a book already written, but not yet published.

His goal is to reach best seller status with his book,
at least $2000 per month income from book sales on Kindle
and Amazon, and then also build additional income from
doing things not involving Amazon book sales.

You would think that this type of course would cost at
least $197 or more, but since it’s a follow along format,
and failure is a remote possibility, he’s letting me allow
you to watch for $20

===> Kindle Case Study

Self publishing is probably the biggest opportunity for anyone

to profit from so far in the 21st century. Don’t miss the
knock on your door.

You’ll learn things like how to use ghostwriters to write
for you (if you don’t feel like you can write yourself), but
of course you can write your own book.

You’ll learn how to write one book that will bring in $2000
a month or more, rather than what other courses teach, which
is how to write books in bulk that pull in about $20 each
per month.

Who wants to do 100 books, anyway?

You’ll learn how to write quality books that you can be
proud of, and that Amazon won’t eventually purge from their

… and a lot more, plus you’ll receive a bonus called the
Self Publishing Tool Box, which normally sells for $27 by
itself, and will help you format your books quickly and

A poorly formatted book can kill sales forever if you get
bad reviews because of it. You don’t want to risk that.

The case study already started a couple days ago, but all
the information is posted on the blog, so if you sign up
today, you can catch up quickly.

===> Kindle Case Study

Already, followers have posted 100″s of comments on the
blog, so it’s obvious there’s a lot of excitement in this

But here’s the bad news… the discount is only good
through the end of the day on Sunday, February 12th
(based on eastern time), After that, the full price will apply,
and you’ll be even further behind.

So join us now, for just 20 bucks, you’ll have a lot of
fun looking over Dennis’ shoulder as he tries to pull this

Maybe he can’t, it will be like reality TV. He tells me
that he’s prepared to work 100″s of hours and spend several
weeks of elapsed time to get this done right, if that’s
what it takes.

And then go beyond that as well, to further build a business
based on the book. That will probably be the best part of
this whole case study.

I hope you can watch:

===> Kindle Case Study


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