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We’ve all know the importance of social signals, to Google’s algorithm.
While backlinks are still up there, Facebook social signals make up 4 of the top 5 factors correlating to highly search engine rankings!
But I’ve just discovered that there is a big gaping problem with this emphasis on Facebook.
What happens if Zuckerberg decides to severely limit your ability to build social signals?

It’s true.

My mastermind buddy Bolaji O couldn’t figure out what he was missing –
he spent a month trying to crack this nut.
And the results floored me (and, as you’ll see, my others too.)
Zuckerberg and Facebook are actively keeping up to 90% of your social signal juice!
I had to get a look!
Bolaji has come up with a way to harness Facebook’s viral traffic
by completely side-stepping the fan page!
NO ONE ELSE is teaching this right now – I can guarantee you that!
(It’s WIDE OPEN for now, until people catch on to this…)
Don’t miss this one – it’s THAT important.
Facebook Marketing just started to make real sense again.

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Zuckerberg won’t be glad you discovered this one.
But your web properties (and your bank account) will