LoyaltePays is not only about giving you step by step instructions and online business ideas to make money in affiliate marketing, it’s about getting your income stream flowing in the fastest possible time.  The key to this is giving away quality Information Products (e-products) to your subscribers as soon as possible.

Creating and packaging your own info product can be a very slow and frustrating process.  That’s why, here at Loyaltepays, we get you started and making money online by simply distributing someone else’s e-product.  In this way you have not only a product to attract subscribers into your list -right from the outset, but one that will also help you build an ongoing relationship with your subscribers. This is the key to making money on the internet.

Here’s how it works:

1. Enlist Your Subscribers

Over and over again we hear that there are no quick ways to make money, and certainly no easy ways to make money.  That’s pure nonsense; it’s the mantra of failed entrepreneurs.  At Loyaltepays we have a different mantra: there are no quick ways to make money without loyal subscribers.

Your subscriber list is the engine that will drive your online business and fuel its growth. Heide Holtz in her eBook: Get Paid To Build Your Business, gives you very detailed step-by-step instructions for rapidly building a subscriber list.  If you follow these, you’ll have a loyal following within days.

The key is to find an information product that is perfectly suited for the niche you’ve chosen to build your business. Here at Loyaltepays you’ll find an ever growing library of high quality eBooks, PDF reports, Video tutorials, Webinars you can simply rebrand, give away to your subscribers and use to build your own business.

2. Rebrand and share

Heide’s brilliantly simple rebranding tools make it easy to insert your own affiliate links into any e-product.

Once your links are embedded in the e-product you’ve chosen it’s ready to make money for you over and over again. You’ve matched the e-product to your own niche and therefore to your subscribers, so they are going to be enthusiastic about this free -useful- content you are now sharing with them.

Every e-product on Loyaltepays comes with a invitation for your subscribers to Get Paid To Share it. Good information is shared over the internet all the time. Our Get Paid To Share feature just gives your subscribers that extra incentive so they’ll want to share it even more with all their friends on Facebook, Twitter followers, Linked-in business connections and any other social or professional network they use, right away.

3. Dollars from Heaven

As soon as your subscribers respond (click-on) the invitation to Get Paid To Share they are sent to Loyaltepays.com where they get instant access to the rebrander tool that will allow them to rebrand the e-product they just received from you, it is in this instant that You earn $1 Loyalty Reward. And that happens with every free referral.

Why is Loyaltepays paying YOU and YOUR subscribers to SHARE other peoples eProducts?

The answer is simple. We want you to succeed, right here, right now. We know for a fact that you will make money from the affiliate links inside every e-product. But we also know that not every reader or viewer will convert into a sales (affiliate) commission. And we are certain that pretty much everyone will take notice of the opportunity to Get Paid To Share this eBook… or Video… So even if they don’t buy that product or service recommended in the e-product you’ll know you have a very good chance to earn at least a $1 Loyalty Reward for every subscriber on your list, Facebook friend, follower on Twitter…

Now you can see the potential here: you’re actually earning money to give away interesting information and build your own business list at the same time.  And if you follow Heide Holtz’s blueprint you can set up several different income streams within a matter of days.


Quick Ways to Make Money – The LoyaltePays Advantage

It’s not difficult to see that this is one of the most effective and quick ways to earn money that you’ll ever find.  But it doesn’t stop there.  The resources and tools available here on Loyaltepays provide you with everything you need to build a solid and long lasting online business, one that will continue earning you a recurring income for months and even years from now


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