Social Media Calendar

Social Media Calendar

Social Media Calendar


As I mentioned in my previous post, all I need to make that strategy to work is traffic. And one traffic method I mentioned was traffic from Social Media. But there is quite easy to get overwhelmed if you don’t make a proper planning, like a Social Media Calendar. As illustrated on this infographic you can do that in a very effective way. Take a moment to look through the infographic and then set up your own Social Media Calendar. And you will find that it will free some valuable time for you to grow your business.

(Click on the image to see it properly)

Let me know your thoughts and how you are doing this

First post in a series about how to build your online business

I have decided to make a series about how to build your online business here on my blog.

What do I mean by building your online business?Well, I have very recent started to work with a guy named Marc Milburn. I will follow the steps that he has in his coaching to see how it works out and what steps need to be taken for a new guy that start his journey in how to build your online business. How to start up and then later on expand and make it profitable. This will be done from scratch as I was totally new. And I will post her to share what I do and also some takeaways from the process. The process will include a lot of things that you need to know about and also in a degree, know how to deal with. Some of them you will be able to outsource in a later stage, but I will cover more about that when we come to that phase. Some of the things that will be covered are:


      • Traffic


  • Listbuilding



  • Conversion



  • And much much more



I will also cover some in even more detail for those that sign up to my list for this. To do that, just click on the image below, and you will get even more information to your mailbox on how I proceed with this.

Looking forward to hear from you. Please let me know what you think by posting a comment below.



3XSocial – Huge Difference In Your Social Media Appearance


Some people think you’ve got to have a BIG personality to succeed on social media…

Like those folks you see posting all the time who are always the life of the party.

But actually, the MOST successful people using social media are NOT who you think. They’re not the ones with the most friends. They’re the ones quietly getting traffic, getting customers and making money — not by wearing a virtual lampshade on their heads –but by posting content that’s most relevant to their audience.

And the really smart ones have a system for doing it, like my friend Don’s. He makes his people love him and buy from him spending just minutes a day on social media. Check out his latest video to see how he does it:

Social Media








OH – and by the way – here’s the best part! You’re going to want to watch the video closely, because Don is going to reveal his solution to your posting frustrations.

Find out all about that here on the video.

Whatever your personality, you’re going to like what you hear!

Remember — be sure to post a comment on the video page and share it to one of your social networks… you could walk away with a Google Nexus tablet that is up for grabs!




Facebook Newsfeed Hero Review!

News Feed Hero


We’ve all know the importance of social signals, to Google’s algorithm.
While backlinks are still up there, Facebook social signals make up 4 of the top 5 factors correlating to highly search engine rankings!
But I’ve just discovered that there is a big gaping problem with this emphasis on Facebook.
What happens if Zuckerberg decides to severely limit your ability to build social signals?

It’s true.

My mastermind buddy Bolaji O couldn’t figure out what he was missing –
he spent a month trying to crack this nut.
And the results floored me (and, as you’ll see, my others too.)
Zuckerberg and Facebook are actively keeping up to 90% of your social signal juice!
I had to get a look!
Bolaji has come up with a way to harness Facebook’s viral traffic
by completely side-stepping the fan page!
NO ONE ELSE is teaching this right now – I can guarantee you that!
(It’s WIDE OPEN for now, until people catch on to this…)
Don’t miss this one – it’s THAT important.
Facebook Marketing just started to make real sense again.

Get Facebook Newsfeed Hero


Zuckerberg won’t be glad you discovered this one.
But your web properties (and your bank account) will

Ultimate Social Media Challenge

Social Media Challenge

Maria Gudelis and Tina Williams are going to BLOW YOU AWAY with their new Ultimate Social Challenge.

The Ultimate Social Challenge is the “LAZY” way to make piles of passive income from Facebook pages, Pinterest and YouTube…

Focusing on EASY LUCRATIVE traffic and conversions.

Top 10 Stats You Should Know about Facebook

1.     Facebook currently has 845 million active users.

Source: Facebook 2012 Infographic

2.     Facebook accounts for 1 out of every 5 pageviews on the internet worldwide.

Source: Facebook 2012 Infographic

3.     Facebook users share over 100 billion connections collectively.

Source: Facebook 2012 Infographic

4.     Over 50% of the population in North American uses Facebook.

Source: Facebook 2012 Infographic

5.     250 million photos are uploaded to Facebook daily.

Source: Facebook 2012 Infographic

6.     There are 2.7 billion likes every single day on Facebook.

Source: Facebook 2012 Infographic

7.     57% of Facebook users are female. 43% of Facebook users are male.

Source: Facebook 2012 Infographic

8.     The social media giant has 425 million mobile users.

Source: Facebook 2012 Infographic

9.     The average Facebook user spends 20 minutes on the site per visit

Source: Facebook 2012 Infographic

10.                    Brands increased 46% engagement with Facebook Timeline and 24 million brands on Facebook (roughly 75%) have still NOT upgraded to Timeline

Source: “The Impact of
Facebook Timeline for Brands” 2012

Below you will find a content filled recording with Maria Gudelis, Tina Williams and Jason Fladlien. Don’t miss out listen to them.

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 To be on the Early Bird List you should join via the button below. You will get even more content there and you are also

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