10 Lessons on Success and Entrepreneurship

I will follow up my last post with this one: 10 Lessons on Success and Entrepreneurship.

10 Lessons on Success and Entrepreneurship.001

I know I share a video with Naveen Jain again, but I think he has a lot to teach and for us all to learn. The video is short, but powerful. If you want tho cheat, I have posted the 10 Lessons on Success and Entrepreneurship below. But I do recommend to watch the video anyway

Naveen’s life lessons include:

1. HARD WORK- Success doesn’t come overnight
2. HONESTY AND INTEGRITY- Listen to your conscience
3. PASSION- Find what you are excited about
4. FOCUS- Find what you’re good at, be passionate about it and stay focused
5. GUT INSTINCT- Follow your heart
6. PERSISTENT BUT FLEXIBLE- Have your guidelines set, but be prepared for some things to change
7. TEAM WORK- Find others that can complement your strengths.
8. EXECUTION- Succeed by executing better your competitors.

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